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Nutritionists action: teach you choose healthy refrigerators

2014-01-20 22:09:27 Browse the number :people

Specialized research institutions in the yi kang predicted, home appliance market scale will reach 200 billion to 2020 health. What is a healthy home appliance? Although there is still no definition of professional, but in general, household electrical appliances are beneficial to people's health can call health appliances.
Liu Renbo, deputy secretary-general of China electronic chamber of commerce, said more than 90% of the electrical appliances are on the market at present with different health function, domestic enterprises have all entered the field of home appliances, health health appliance research and development will be the mainstream trends of home appliance products.
So, how to choose a healthy function of electrical appliances product? Especially the refrigerator is closely related to People's Daily lives? Face of consumer confusion, national senior public nutritionists said Mr. Li, from the perspective of nutrition, choose healthy ?
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