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China formally from hisense lead smart TV industry standard

2014-01-20 22:10:31 Browse the number :people

In "on January 15, 2013 color TV industry research conference", the China video industry association (officially released the smart TV industry standard in China. From then on, the most closely watched "smart TV" color TV category has clear standards for the first time and unified technical requirements.
Nearly two years, smart TV rapid popularization, has occupied half color TV market, but as a result of smart TV standard is not unified, users face the conceptualization "smart TV" on the market have no choice; Smart TV interface standard is not unified, and prevented the entry of many application developers, it is difficult to form the effective commercial mode; Standard is not unified, and led to the software development of redundant construction and waste of resources, it has seriously hindered the healthy development of smart TV.
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