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Decoding a "report card" double tenth hisense TV into the bi

2014-01-20 22:14:57 Browse the number :people

Double tenth a taobao 35 billion yuan this year big deals, let the electricity business enterprise excited. Behind day quantity orders, how to solve the "dominance of low-priced products, distribution services in time" caused many problems such as hot. Hisense is more than a month in advance to the products and the overall arrangement of logistics, the products and to solve logistics industry such as focal point. Hisense TV day online sales reached 200 million yuan, up 150%; Among them, hisense won 50 inches K680 TV cat double tenth day by 4 k super clear TV sales champion.
In a double tenth day, hisense TV online and offline sales rose more than 40%, among them 4 k, high-end products such as smart TV sales rose 180% year-on-year, hisense the turnover of the day the cat platform year-on-year growth more than three times.
This year's double tenth a ?
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