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Hisense international integrates the overseas resources of the whole Group. It has a top domestic and overseas marketing team, which consists of a promising young group. All have bachelor degrees or above. Most of them graduated from highly-reputable universities in China and abroad, while majoring in International Trade, Foreign Languages, Logistics, Graphics Design, and Marketing Management. In addition, each individual has extensive experience in sales and marketing. 2006, Hisense established a “Brand Globalization” strategy based on providing first-class quality, value-for-money products and the best service in the industry to explore the overseas market and grow into a world class brand.

International market share and brand awareness continue to increase rapidly and consistently. In 2009, export sales revenue reached $900 million. In 2010, export sales revenue reached $1.28 billion, increasing by 40%, while overseas brand sales revenue reached $324 million, increasing by 24%. In 2011, export sales revenue reached $ 1.43billion, increasing by59.53%, while overseas brand sales revenue reached $ 51.8million, increasing by 37.16 %.

Around the world, we now have four production facilities. Those facilities are in South Africa, Algeria, and Egypt. Additionally, we have established three R&D centers in Europe and the U.S. Our subsidiaries and sales offices are in the U.S., Europe, Australia, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Hisense products have been sold in more than 130 countries and regions, and Hisense-branded products have been sold in over 80 countries around the world.

In Europe, we have enlarged the marketing network by setting up branches in Italy, UK, Spain, Hungary and Belgium. Hisense Germany was setup as the HQ of Hisense Europe in 2010. In the U.S., we are active in exploring key accounts and have already formed strong relationships. In Australia, we have realized localized management. By providing high quality products at a competitive price and the best service, while also cooperating with main retail channels, Hisense has made great achievements. In July of 2008, Hisense obtained the naming rights to a major stadium in Australia, being the first Chinese enterprise to own the naming rights of an overseas venue. In Asia, Hisense set up a branch in Malaysia to explore the Southeaset Asia market. In North Africa, Hisense is more successful than any other Chinese electronic company. In South Africa, Hisense TVs already hold 10% of the market share. Meanwhile, Hisense exhibits its products all over the world.

Implementing a “target market and high-end product” strategy, Hisense International Co., Ltd will establish a platform of unified management and support in order to share resources and improve efficiency. By enhancing its product planning ability, improving the human resources system and establishing risk control systems, Hisense will continue to develop rapidly and steadily.

In 2008, Hisense began to see major breakthroughs in the globalization of its brand. By establishing a strategic alliance with the world’s largest white goods manufacture, Whirlpool Corporation, Hisense pushed its high-end refrigerators and washing machines into the international market. In addition, Hisense has successfully entered into the international intelligent traffic management system market through signing a joint venture with IBM. In October 2009, Hisense organized the fourth Global Partners Conference in Qingdao and its 40th anniversary. In January 2010, Hisense Chairman, Zhou Houjian, became the first Chinese company leader to deliver a keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. “New Hisense, New Era…New Starting Point, New Hisense”— Hisense International Co. Ltd will seize the opportunity, realize further accomplishments and create a better future!
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